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The Numeracy Journal (e-ISSN 2502-6867 and p-ISSN 2355-0074) is a periodical scientific publication dedicated to lecturers, students and educational observers to disseminate relevant studies, thinks and research results in the field of mathematics learning, critical study of mathematics learning, classroom action research research on mathematics curriculum, learning method of mathematic, learning media of mathematic, research on mathematics assessment, and research on the development of mathematics learning. Any visitor to this site can browse abstracts, read journal contents and download PDF files.

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Vol 6, No 2 (2019)

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Yulianita Maharani, Cecil Hiltrimartin, Yusuf Hartono, Indaryanti Indaryanti
Abstract views: 154   PDF views: 111
Nurul Fajri, Ahmad Nasriadi, Dewi Nirmala
Abstract views: 130   PDF views: 40
Siti Hadijah, Cut Yuniza Eviyanti, Laksmi Aulia
Abstract views: 71   PDF views: 34
Dudu Suhandi Saputra, Yuyu Yuliati, Dadan Arif Hidayat
Abstract views: 72   PDF views: 34
Ega Gradini
Abstract views: 465   PDF views: 362
Ahmad Nasriadi, Rina Desiana
Abstract views: 89   PDF views: 16
Eri Saputra, Samsul Bahri, Effan Fahrizal
Abstract views: 137   PDF views: 52
Usman Usman, M. Hasbi, RM Bambang, Mahathir Mahathir
Abstract views: 49   PDF views: 19
Nur Afifah
Abstract views: 85   PDF views: 42
Mik Salmina, Mustafa Mustafa
Abstract views: 217   PDF views: 60
Putri Reza, Intan Kemala Sari
Abstract views: 30   PDF views: 20
Muhsin Muhsin, Taufiq Taufiq
Abstract views: 81   PDF views: 24
Nailul Authary, Nazariah Nazariah
Abstract views: 81   PDF views: 39
Ulva Chairuna, Rita Novita, Lina Amelia
Abstract views: 74   PDF views: 36